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Sludge Pump Manufacturer - Sludge Master Plunger Pumps

Sludge pumps are a common method to pump municipal sludge, sewage and wastewater for wastewater treatment plants (WWTP)

Strengthening Plunger Pump Technology For The 21st Century

Wastecorp is an original equipment manufacturer of sludge pump style plunger pumps. We represent, service and manufacture parts over 18,000 sludge pump installations in 140 countries. Wastecorp's plunger pump products are available in over 50 models ranging from simplex (1 plunger style) to quadruplex models (4 plungers) capable of pumping sludge up to 580 GPM.

We also offer a full service overhauls and parts department for all plunger pump brands. Municipalities and Industrial wastewater plants are under increasing pressure to get more out of their maintenance budget. Wastecorp's parts and overhauls products help users get the high quality components they need for safe pump operation at exceptional value.

Continued investment in plunger pump product development is a critical component of Wastecorp's overall strategy of strengthening the Wastecorp brand in the pump business. Wastecorp is a well known global pump manufacturer that stands for technological leadership, high quality and unparalleled customer service. From plunger pumps to diaphragm, centrifugal trash, submersible, split case and beyond - Wastecorp is building relationships across the entire water and wastewater treatment business.

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